Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Live@Edu SSO Sharepoint 2010 WebPart and Webservice

Project Description
LiveAtEduSSOLinks is a work around for to offer Single-Sign-On links in Sharepoint to LiveAtEdu accounts.

Its Written in C# for VS 2010 and currently in early beta as it is built off similar projects for Sharepoint 2007 that I found here on Codeplex.

Written by Chris Towles at Northern Kentucky University.

For the mean time I've taken down the code and have cleaned it up and rewritten parts of it. Email me if your interested or post on my blog.

Requirements: You must have the Microsoft the Windows LiveID SSO Kit. if you haven't already done this go
to the Live@edu service management portal (, select Single sign-on. Then, click Request SSO Support to request the SSO SDK and certificate.

I've written a install guide for setting up the SSO at

Components: This project contains 2 components, all designed allow single click login from SharePoint 2010 to Microsoft® Live@EDU service.
•A Web Service that requests a token from the Windows Live@EDU service and forms a valid SSO URL.
•A SharePoint 2010 web part to call the web service and redirect the User to the URL.

This project is a extension of the work done at

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