Thursday, May 19, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup Script

The SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup Script will enable you to easily build a SharePoint developer machine.

File Name: SharePoint2010EasySetup


The SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup Script is a new set of pre-packaged tools that help developers easily get started with SharePoint 2010 development by automating the provisioning of a developer workstation using Windows 7, SharePoint & associated tools.

Written in Windows PowerShell these scripts will install and configure all the pre-requisites & products to get you up and running with SharePoint development.

Additionally the script will download evaluation copies of the products it installs (or use fully licensed product bits you supply), install them either locally or in a user supplied Windows 7 VHD & set that VHD up for duel boot using the Windows 7 VHD native boot feature. It also allows you to configure what products are installed via a configuration file, so you can add or remove products.


After downloading the SharePoint Easy Setup Script kit, run the self-extracting executable to extract all of the kit files to your local machine. After the content is extracted, the starting page for the training kit will be displayed in your default browser. One the starting page click the Lab:SharePoint Development link. Open the Hands-On Lab document for instructions to run the scripts. Click on the Browse Source Files link to browse the PowerShell script files.

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srujan said...

can you post how to start central admin after script has successfully install on windows 7. it is asking for username and password whcih i have not configured yet. thanks..