Thursday, May 19, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Workflow Video Tutorial

A quick view on whats new with SharePoint 2010 Workflows :

1. SharePoint 2010 workflows are build upon the workflow engine provided .Net Framework 3.5.

2. List and Site workflows - In addition to the SharePoint lists we can now create workflows for SharePoint sites as well. These are called as "Site Workflows".

3. SharePoint Designer 2010 Changes - MS has provided a new graphical workflow designer for designing workflows. These workflows can be deployed in SharePoint Server directly from the designer.

4. Editing Out-of-Box workflows - Another Improvement in SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows is that it now allows you to edit the out-of-the-box workflows that come with SharePoint.

5. Re-usable Workflow - In addition to above, with Designer 2010 you can also create reusable declarative workflows. That means unlike SharePoint 2007 designer workflows, you don't have to bind a workflow to a specific list. You can reuse them by binding it to more than one list or multiple lists.

6. User profile in Workflow - User Profile data can now be bound to properties in workflow. This will make it possible to get information about the SharePoint user profile in the workflow itself.

7. Moving SharePoint Designer Workflows - The resuable designer workflows can now be moved to another SharePoint server or to Visual Studio 2010 with a workflow .wsp file. "Save as Template" command can be used to create the WSP file for the workflow.

8.Changes in List Events - SharePoint 2010 adds four new workflow Event Receivers for list based workflows. The four workflow event receivers available are Starting, Started, Postponed and Completed. These are similar to other SharePoint list\library event receivers and they execute code on the server in response to the event.

9. Workflow Templates - To make development easier, Visual Studio 2010 includes event receiver project types to make using the workflows and events fairly simple.

Create Workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010:
The workflow is created to Approve or Reject new products according to their selling price.
See the Video below
Create Workflow with SharePoint Designer 2010

Creating Workflow using Visual Studio 2010:
The workflow in the below video will be a Site Workflow which can be run one time to approve\reject all the products in the products list which has selling price more $4000.
Creating Workflow using Visual Studio 2010

Creating Workflow Initiation form:
This video will help you create a Initiation form for the above created Visual studio Workflow, so that user can manually enter the selling price (which was $4000 in above video )with which the products in the SharePoint list are compared for approval.
Creating Workflow Initiation form for SharePoint 2010 Workflow

Creating Event handlers for Workflow:
In this Video you will learn how to create Handlers for the Workflow. You will then be able to run code on various workflow events like Workflow Initialized or Completed.
Create Handlers for SharePoint 2010 Workflow

Create SharePoint 2010 Workflow in Visio:
In this Video you will learn how to Create Workflows in Visio using Visio SharePoint Template and then export it to SharePoint designer 2010.
Create SharePoint 2010 Workflows in Visio 2010

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